Brave New Audio
Brave New Audio


We’re Novel, a podcast company.

We make shows that go long on story, rich in detail and heavy on sonics. The kind that creates fans, not consumers.

After all, we're fans too.

So we trust our noses, draw deeply from our tastes, and maintain a magpie eye for the new and the next. We believe boldness has its own genius.

Right now, the world is building a new kind of relationship with audio. We want to shape that coming landscape.

This is Brave New Audio.

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Staff List

  • Sean Glynn
    Founder, CEO
  • Matt O’Mara
    Managing Director
  • Max O’Brien
    Chief Content Officer
  • Julie Shapiro
    Executive Creative Director
  • Willard Foxton
    Creative Director, Development
  • Austin Mitchell
    Creative Director, Production
  • Mythili Rao
    Managing Editor
  • Indira Birnie
    Head of Marketing & Communications
  • Gavin Haynes
    Head of Development
  • Sarah Taunton
    Head of HR
  • David Waters
    Head of Documentary
  • Charlotte Wolf
    Head of Operations
  • Laura Zerilli
    Office Manager
  • Katherine Godfrey
    Senior Editor
  • Rosie Collyer
    Executive Producer
  • Jo Wheeler
    Executive Producer
  • Claire Crofton
    Senior Producer
  • Nicholas Alexander
    Composer, Sound Designer
  • Eleanor Biggs
  • Saskia Edwards
  • Leona Hameed
    Longform Supervising Producer
  • Leigh Meyer
  • Jake Otajovic
  • Anna Sinfield
  • Pippa Smith
  • Caroline Thornham
  • Thomas Wright
  • Kev Kharas
    Development Producer
  • Sonny Marr
    Development Producer
  • Jess Swinburne
    Assistant to CEO
  • Francesca Taylor
    Production Co-ordinator
  • Cheree Houston
    Junior Production Manager
  • Amalie Sortland
    Assistant Producer
  • Nadia Mehdi
    Assistant Producer
  • Madeleine Parr
  • Megan Oyinka
  • Zeyana Yussuf
  • Daniel Kempson
    Sound Designer
  • Evangeline Robinson
    Audience & Partnership Manager
  • Isaac Fisher
    Development Trainee
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